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There has only been five female characters comfirmed playable compared to fifteen male characters.

I’m amazed at those exact numbers because 33% is the point where men will start thinking there’s a majority of women in a group.

Except that 5 out of a group of 20 is 25%, so it’s still even lower than the average where men start thinking that the majority is women. Which isn’t all that surprising given that video gaming is sort of a haven for misogynists.

It need not be exactly 33%, that was just the number arrived at in one study. The greater point is that men perceive something to be “women dominated” before we’ve even hit equality—the 50/50 mark. This kind of whining from men that has no rational basis is something I like to call manthematics. It’s like mathematics, only everything is skewed because male egos.

Thursday, August 22, 2013
DFAB trans people move through the world in packs. Trans women an DMAB trans people tend to move as lone wolves.

Susan Stryker, at dinner tonight (via queeraztlan)

We have been denied every single community out there and been punished severely by everyone fir pursuing it for ourselves. This is no surprise.

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Other girls when I was a kid: go away
Other girls when I was a teen: we’ll tolerate you
Other women post-transition: actually pretty ok, except guess what? You know that thing where women are trained to tear each other down? Trans women do it too. Because we’re women living under the same patriarchal BS as cis women. And the army of cis women who allow trans guys to hold community in their spaces while denying trans women? That’s kind of a big factor too.
Guys my entire life: I’m going to beat you up now

So “lone wolf” my ass. I connect to people who allow me to connect to them. That few do is a statement about society, not trans women.

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Monday, May 27, 2013


For those of you lucky enough to not live in New York over the last few days, you may have missed that a local “inclusive” queer party booked JD Samson, of MEN, who is playing MichFest 2013 and is violating the boycott. When their audience, the queers of Brooklyn, starting posting concerned messages and asking them to cancel the performance, the organizers briefly argued back, and then finally, in the eleventh hour, relented and cancelled on JD. (We, the Topside folks, were literally about to start printing flyers to take to protest the party when it was finally announced that JD was out.)

However, the organizers have stayed true to their “free speech” motif and have allowed pretty much every transphobic person to post whatever they wanted on the Facebook wall for the party and for the event.

After the announcement that they had done the right thing and cancelled the performance of JD Samson, vitriole spewed, and the above conversation took place. A post on the event page turned particularly ugly, and eventually someone named Chelsea P.R. Menth told trans women who wanted JD out to “burn.” She later deleted many of her comments, realizing perhaps that they contained hate speech above and beyond what had been thrown at trans women, on this page at least,  before.

We’re posting them so that these are not lost, because they are part of the conversation, because this is what we are up against, in our own communities, among our “allies” and at our “parties.” Note that the managers of this page did not intervene, did not delete this, did not say, NO, ON OUR PAGE, THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE; ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE INTERNET YOU CAN TELL TRANS WOMEN TO BURN, BUT NOT HERE. The organizers displayed zero leadership, and in fact, they displayed crappier politics than a corporate social media shill would have been able to deploy in a time of crisis.

MichFest is a cancer in our community that we need to deal with in a real way, today, for good, so that the healing can even hope to begin. Lisa Vogel saying it is OK to discriminate against trans women in Hart, MI creates a climate in the US where it is OK to tell trans women to burn. Anyone who thinks differently is unbelievably naive

Oh, BTW, dear reader, this event was called, THEY QUEEN, and was created to celebrate the genderqueer/third gender. Et tu, safe space?

NB: Additionally, you can read a conversation between Cyd Nova and Julie Blair about this mess, here.

Calling women crazy and irrational. Now THAT’S What I Call Feminism: Vol 5 - Misogyny is Ok When Directed at Trans Women.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Pitfalls of the Industry

Life is like a hurricane. Here in. Game dev. Sexists, neckbeards, threats of rape. It’s some. Bullshit.

Might deny privilege, assault some women! DOUCHEBROS, WOO-OO!

Every day they’re out there whining. DOUCHEBROS, WOO-OO!

Males making spaces unsafe. DOUCHEBROS, WOO-OO!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Re: On “transtrending”. .



I’ve noticed a common complaint (exclusively coming from cafab trans people, mind you) about the trans community is “transtrenders”- People who think being trans is “trendy”. The stereotypical transtrender is a teenager, cafab, and white, saying on their tumblr profiles that they’re pansexual and genderqueer (though occasionally ftm) and generally acting like a special snowflake[…]

Let’s also not forget that the true origin of the term “transtrender” is the severely trans-hating butch dyke Dirt, or whatever she calls herself, and the posse of trans-hating TERFs that echo chamber her bullshit.

"Transtrender" is lobbed at people who present more femininely. The most common form of anti-trans sentiment, transmisogyny, also targets feminine people. Meanwhile, masculine trans men generally find themselves either accepted or, at the very least, treated as if their words carry some weight. The national dialogue in the US dramatically changed when trans men first started to get media coverage. All of a sudden trans rights were respectable, whereas before "trans" only conjured up images of vapid people wearing frocks.

The message here is consistent: The masculine is legitimate, the feminine is frivolous and fake. “Transtrending” is yet another manifestation of misogyny. It plays out in straight cis spaces, queer cis spaces, and many trans spaces. Thanks for perpetuating the mores of the patriarchy, everybody. Really appreciate it. Really.

Thursday, January 17, 2013
We call it transmisogyny for a reason, but at its core it’s just plain old misogyny with a new coat of paint.
Tuesday, December 4, 2012


What is up with (mostly cis) sexual people asking me about my clothing preferences?

Everytime I’ve told someone I’m transgender, self-identify as a woman, after a while, I get the same stupid questions about clothes: Do I or Would I like to wear skirts and/or dresses?

However, this is not about clothing preferences. These people would NEVER ask a cis woman the same question.

Because the question is about sexual arousement.

Would I like (wink wink) to wear skirts and/or dresses?

With other words: clothes as a fetish.

Apparently they are unable to think about what it means to be transgender in any other way than as some kind of fetish or kink?

Why do sexual people always have to make everything about sex?

References: Cissexist Fetishism

They also can’t conceptualize femininity and femaleness as anything other than a means of sexual gratification. It’s with trans women that people really show their true colors about how they perceive femininity and womanhood in general. Many people literally cannot conceive of any reason to be feminine or female other than sexual gratification. People can’t understand femininity or femaleness existing for its own sake. It’s disgusting when you think about it, and shows how transmisogyny is in many ways just amplified misogyny.

Monday, September 17, 2012
Male privilege is a myth, you guys.
Or maybe it isn’t. Read page 4 of this nao.

Male privilege is a myth, you guys.

Or maybe it isn’t. Read page 4 of this nao.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

+10 points to anyone who has noticed that the majority of “you must disclose” arguments boil down to “I’m a man steeped in male entitlement”

The rest boil down to “I’m a cis woman steeped in bad gender studies classes”.