Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I love accessibility. “Born a Man” now has captions! More to come.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fuck Yeah Subtitling!



FYS is a tumblr that posts videos that were once not subtitled but now are subtitled. It also is a place for people to post subtitling requests and to volunteer to subtitle and find videos that people want to be subtitled. We also post advice on how to subtitle videos for anyone interested.

Do you enjoy subtitling and want to help out? Follow this tumblr and spread the word! Let’s make accessibility happen!

Wonderful project!

This is a great idea.

Friday, July 6, 2012

YouTube Subtitles

Does anyone know an easy way to create subtitle files for uploading onto YouTube? I tried the CaptionTube web app but the site is buggy as hell. I’m on a Mac, if it’s a local app.

Monday, November 21, 2011

My problem with “stupid.”


So, this will probably be short cause it’s 3:30am, but

I find it inaccurate to call someone “stupid” who is being oppressive/privilege-denying, etc because it has nothing to do with their nature, intelligence, or ability to learn.

I think calling them stupid is cutting them a BREAK and completely underestimating them by implying that they are oppressive because they are incapable of understanding the effects of their actions, which is entirely false.

They have the chance and ability like everyone else to consider how their actions and beliefs are problematic. They can talk to folks. They can ask. They can seek out education. Obviously many people do not have access to limitless academic resources or are around critical discourse on a daily basis, but that is also due to oppression. Not intelligence.

Most often, ignorance is the result of folks benefiting from another’s oppression and thus doing nothing to challenge it or acknowledge their own privilege or role in the issue. It is a choice. Which I think is immeasurably worse than a lack of understanding because it just means they’re fucking selfish.

Things I’m thinking about.

People in a position of power, who have something to lose by questioning the system that puts them in power, will do oppressive things. It’s why the patriarchy keeps its machine running, it’s why trans* people (especially women) within the cis feminist community are looked down upon, it’s why queer, trans*, and GLBT communities are racist.

None of this is about ignorance. It is about holding on to power, and using shallow defense mechanisms built into these power structures to short-circuit any capacity for thinking and empathy. Those defenses stay up not because people aren’t smart enough to see past them. It’s because they have been trained to believe they have too much to lose by allowing those thoughts to happen.

Think about this—within these broken systems of prejudice, it may be in their best interests to keep bigoted views. To break from the system is to lose the power it grants, or at the very least to lose faith in the legitimacy of the system that puts you ahead. From a purely selfish, short-term reptilian brain standpoint of “do what I must to survive”, reflecting the bigotry of the greater community is a “smart” move. To fight them openly is to ostracize yourself from a group that has granted you power. That’s why people with privilege forgive others of their kind, that’s why these systems stay in power. That’s why people defer to authority figures, even when committing acts they know are wrongfully violent.

Most people who act on bigoted beliefs are not “stupid”, are not ignorant (in the more ableist sense), and are not “mentally ill”. They are average people (or “highly intelligent” people, as much as anyone can measure intelligence) who have been taught horrible things reinforced by social systems of violence.

These judgments are made to to separate the “good” ones from the “bad” ones. Because surely us good people are not like those horrible, stupid, mentally ill bigots. But there is no special trait separating bigots from the rest of us, that keeps them bigoted and stops us from being the same way. Because we are all prejudiced on axes we have privilege. The only question is, what will it take to get a particular individual to examine this indoctrinated prejudice? To create a simplified, judgmental reason for why someone else is prejudiced is to ignore our own internalized bigotry. I’ve done it, I’m sure you’ve done it, we all do it, but the truth still stands.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Very, very accurate impersonation. Added sarcasm tildes.

Are the sarcasm tildes widely used? I was thinking of adding them to the original post. Making an effort to make my blog more accessible, as much as I can with my own disabilities.

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Saturday, August 6, 2011 Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Folks are telling me that #accessibility request is the tag to add if you either can’t do the description (due to word based disabilities like aphasia or dyslexia) or don’t have the energy to do it due to spoons (chronic pain, depression, chronic illness, etc)


Hopefully there’s a good sized community following it so that it works well. I would follow it but as soon as I get back to my duties at FYCTC after my mental health hiatus is over, I’ll have my hands full doing picture descriptions for the ridiculous number of submissions we get.

Ooh I’ve been wondering about something like this. Often I’m not in a languagey-enough state to articulate image descriptions. Thanks for the tip.