Thursday, January 31, 2013

All Hail the Mighty Infallible Pair of Jon and Colbert

When they make fun of trans people, it’s because they love us! They’re not really like that! They just play that on TV!

Now everybody bow and receive the ceremonial piss from above. Be thankful for that urine, because it comes from the dicks of wealthy white cis men with TV shows. Who totally love you the cheap jokes your existence provides.

And after the piss sinks in, remind yourself of that one time Conan O’Brien made a transphobic joke, was called out on it, and then apologized, promising he’d never do it again. And then reassure yourself, He’s not nearly as liberal as Jon and Colbert.


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    Yes this exactly.
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    Well, most trolls have learned not to be openly transphobic/homophobic/ableist/misogynistic, so that their opinions...
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    Useful explanation of HOW Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert fuck up. If you can’t tell the difference between laughing at...
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